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Our entire process is based on sustainable practices. Our feedstock is biomass, a renewable and sustainable source. Our processes remove CO2 from the atmosphere and permanently sequester it into turbostratic graphene.

Here at Faradyne, when we talk about being sustainable, we mean it. It’s not just about having a green image, it’s about doing the hard work to really be the greenest graphene company out there. We’ve managed to go beyond just balancing our carbon footprint; we’re actually taking more carbon out of the atmosphere than we put in. 

We are also using our skills and expertise to come up with effective graphene-based clean energy solutions that benefit the planet. We’re not just following the sustainability playbook, we’re rewriting it, making sure every move we make today is helping build a cleaner, healthier world for tomorrow.


Our biggest strength is our Clean Process

  • Biomass removes CO2 from the atmosphere by photosynthesis.

  • Our Aurora processing plants use this renewable, sustainable biomass as feedstock. 

  • We produce renewable diesel fuel through a carbon-negative process.

  • Our initial focus is on using sustainable tree biomass feedstock, including trees killed by mountain pine beetles, or felled to maintain fire lanes or utility lines right-of-ways.  These sources contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from forest fires.

For every 2 tons of biomass processed, we sequester in the form of Biochar 1 ton of CO2 that the biomass plants remove from the atmosphere

  • Stratic's sole feedstock is our carbon-negative biochar. No mining. No processing with harmful chemicals. No combustion or emissions.

  • Our Graphix product advantageously replaces graphite in batteries. The international graphite supply chain is highly contaminating. Our domestic operation is not.

We sequester CO2 permanently, in the form of Turbostratic Graphene

  • Our energy storage manufacturing process will be much simpler and cleaner.

  • Very small carbon footprint.

  • Recyclable products, eco-friendly, manufactured with minimal CO2 emissions.

  • Our energy storage system cells will last a long time.

  • Our ESS will be more efficient, more rapidly scaleable, and will accelerate the growth of renewable energy sources.

  • Toxin-free.

100% turbostratic graphene. NO lithium. NO cobalt. NO rare earths.

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