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Our exclusive Cellulose to Hydrogen Power (CHyP) technology processes renewable biomass into renewable diesel and biochar. The process is sustainable, carbon negative, and sequesters carbon from the air.

  • EPA, IRS-registered diesel fuel

  • 91 gallons per dry ton of biomass

  • No catalysts required

  • 1.3 million gallons produced per year per Module.

  • One Module have 8 Active CHyP Reactors

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Renewable diesel is chemically the same as petroleum diesel and nearly identical in its performance characteristics.


It is different from biodiesel, which can only be blended at rates between 2% and 20% of diesel fuel by volume.

Carbon Intensity Calculations-Diesel: 

  • Diesel / 94.29 gCO2eq/MJ.

  • Aurora Wood Residue / 8.00 gCO2eq/MJ.

  • Aurora Wood w/biochar / 2.92 gCO2eq/MJ.

  • Aurora Using synthetic fuel / -18.48 gCO2eq/MJ.

  • 100% Biogenic Carbon.

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