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Faradyne Power Announces the Launch of the World’s First Continuous Turbostratic Graphene Production Facility.


Faradyne Power announces a significant leap in materials innovation: the establishment of the world's first continuous production plant for turbostratic graphene. This facility represents a groundbreaking achievement, boasting an initial turbostratic graphene production capacity of 360 metric tons per year.

With this state-of-the-art plant, Faradyne is now poised to produce two variants of turbostratic graphene, both available in annual metric tonnage, catering to a spectrum of industrial applications. Additionally, the plant manufactures a proprietary blend of turbostratic graphene that is designed to advantageously replace battery-grade graphite, presenting an extraordinary opportunity for traditional lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

Faradyne’s unique turbostratic graphene manufacturing process uses US-grown renewable biomass as its feedstock, effectively removing CO2 from the atmosphere and permanently sequestering it in graphene.  The abundance of available biomass and relative simplicity of Faradyne’s patented process make the technology rapidly scalable.

This pioneering production facility not only solidifies Faradyne's position as a leader in the turbostratic graphene market but also reinforces the company’s commitment to driving forward the frontiers of graphene technology. Faradyne’s 100% U.S.-based manufacturing process directly addresses the U.S.’s growing need for graphene and reduces dependence on foreign supply chains for graphene and graphite.

About Faradyne Power Systems Corp: Faradyne is a fully integrated company founded in 2023 that manufactures turbostratic graphene from biomass in an environmentally friendly, carbon-negative way, and develops turbostratic graphene-based products for a variety of industry sectors.

From Biomass to Turbostratic Graphene
From Biomass to Turbostratic Graphene

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